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NodeJs - Send Push Notifications to devices using firebase 1 minute read You can send push notifications to any android devices using Firebase.I will explain you how to get the key from the firebase project and write a simple nodejs code using library fcm-node to send push notifications to android devices. Webinar Indonesia 5G Ecosystem x BISA AI #259 – Advance React Native: Push Notification dan Firebase Salah satu fitur utama yang harus ada pada setiap aplika... Oct 17, 2020 · A React Native project can use Firebase services using the NPM react-native-firebase/app module, but the native (Android & iOS) apps need to be added to the Firebase project. The native projects need to be configured to set up Firebase dependencies and the Firebase SDK initialization (iOS only). Read the next guide to learn about adding ... Dec 24, 2020 · In this five-part tutorial we’ll see how we can create a sample React Native app (you might call it a “Hello World” or “boilerplate”) that will be capable of receiving Push Notifications using Firebase: this can be a great headstart for React Native beginners, yet also for those intermediate or experienced developers who want to know more about push notifications: how they work, what ...